Inspired by the amount of murals that adorned the streets, alleys, and corners in the cities of Philadelphia and Los Angeles, Encinitas resident Jax Meyers decided she’d like to see more celebrated murals in 92024. Also, Jax acknowledged that “I have always known Encinitas to be an art hub.” Jax met Carris Rhodes from the Leucadia Main Street Association and informed her that she wanted to organize a mural in Leucadia at the skate bowl. According to Jax, “She was the first person to believe in my mission, and in January 2014 Paint Encinitas was born.” The first mural, “Remember California”, was painted by Skye Walker on the Royal Liquor store in Leucadia. Paint Encinitas is also committed to community involvement and events. They will be at the Día de los Muertos event at the Encinitas Library on Nov. 1 for those interested in stopping by to learn more about the organization.