by AMY LEHRER | photo by Soul of Photography

Healthful Living Advocate Raises Money to Fight Breast Cancer

Interested in leaving a snowy climate, Daun DeWitt moved to Encinitas once she secured a job at the Encinitas Ranch Golf Course Pro Shop. She loves living in 92024 due to the small town feel, the friendly people, the great trail runs, the ocean, and the wildlife. “I’ve been blessed to be able to paddle out and see whales breaching… unbelievable!” she exclaimed.

Determined to make a difference, Daun began participating in the Susan G. Komen Three Day walk after witnessing her grandmother, best friend, and mother fight, win, and then lose their battles against breast cancer. She reminisced, “It was like losing a part of myself, and to this day I struggle with my loss.” Since 2009, she’s participated in the walk each year and has earned $25,000 to date. Over the last three years, the teams she’s formed or been on were the ones that have raised the most money. Last year she even became a training walk leader, willing to train anyone who wanted to participate in the three-day event.

A born leader, Daun inspires others to adopt her healthy lifestyle. She completes 5Ks, 10Ks, half marathons, bicycle races, and obstacle course races. In September she will be leading a four person team in the The Spartan BEAST, a fifteen mile trail run in the Vail Lake mountains with twenty five-plus obstacles. Then in October she will lead a team of eight in the Ragnar Trail Race that will cover 115 miles over the course of two days. Additionally, she’s convinced her boyfriend and her daughter to adopt the Paleo diet and begin training for races of their own. She’s proud that her daughter lost 140 pounds and now teaches her own two-year-old daughter healthful habits.

Always wanting to help, Daun participates in local events and programs. She recently volunteered for Encinitas Environment Day, and she participates regularly in the Encinitas Senior Center Out and About program that pairs volunteer drivers with seniors who need to get around. One summer she even dedicated one day every week to picking up trash in the lagoon in Carlsbad from her paddleboard.

Daun’s main goals are to raise breast cancer awareness and encourage people to live a healthy life. She expressed, “I am proud to be an Encinitas resident and hope Encinitas is proud to have me be a part of its community.”

Name: Daun DeWitt
Community: Encinitas
Occupation: Employee for JC Golf at the Encinitas Ranch Golf Course Pro Shop
Family: Boyfriend – Allen Gidner; Daughter – Tiffany Tran; Grandaughter – Ivy Tran (2)
Hobbies: My hobbies are just about anything that has to do with being healthy and active. I run, cycle, SUP, golf, love crossfit, and am passionate about nutrition.