by GABBY CATALANO | photo by Soul of Photography

This Is the End

The Class of 2014 has seen it all – dancing exchange students, live art, intense poetry readings, and, of course, Drake Bell. We laughed while playing senior tag, we cried when receiving college acceptances, and we lived four years of absolute adventure, acceptance, and individuality. But this column isn’t just about the seniors. The Mustangs have one month left of school, and students and faculty are making the most out of it. From fashion and fine arts, jazz and poetry, to film and pop culture, everyone at SDA will laugh and cry and feel alive when recalling the end of an amazing year.

Glamour and galore is seen everywhere on campus, from the high heels and patterned dresses to the cuffed jeans and buttoned tops. Each year the student-run Fashion Club puts on a spring runway show, featuring items from Pink Soul clothing store and a few hand-made designs. The gymnasium is decorated as if it were Mercedes Benz Fashion Week at SDA, and club beats blast as students model down the runway. This year the show was fabulous, and it showcased the talent of putting together a full-on runway show, from hair, make-up, clothing fittings, and advertising. Incoming freshmen and students, be sure to check out the Fashion Club who work all year to prepare for this one chic night.

Exhibition Day – a day where the school campus is flooded with art vendors, food stands, poetry readings, live music, and lots of games and activities. Now this is what brings SDA its uniqueness compared to other high schools. Classes are shortened and students have half the school day to explore, read poetry and buy the literary magazine, paint on the murals, or relax on the grass field listening to live music with a smoothie in hand and a burrito in the other. Exhibition Day will take place on May 21.

Other exciting events were the Jazz Festival and the San Dieguito Academy Foundation Film and Pop Culture event. The jazz band at SDA played in the evening, and music-enthusiasts watched and enjoyed. The film and pop culture event was for the first time at SDA, and UCLA professor David Ravetch discussed how classical music is working its way into the arts.

SDA will forever be remembered by the Class of 2014 for its quirkiness, unique school spirit, and artsy vibe. This isn’t the last time you’ll be hearing from an SDA Insider. A proud Mustang will be documenting the 2014–2015 school adventures post summer. Thanks for reading the Mustang Insider and stay cool Encinitas.

Gabby Catalano is a senior at San Dieguito Academy. She has just completed her term as the ‘Mustang Insider’ for the 2013 – 2014 school year and can be contacted at