photo and artwork by Jennifer Richards

New Local Artist Captures the Beauty of Encinitas

For Jennifer Richards, a local 92024 painter, art doesn’t only capture a moment, it evokes a deeper, emotional connection to her. “Someday my kids will grow up and realize how special their home town is, and I want my paintings to help reinforce those memories for them,” she said. Inspired by the Southern California lifestyle, Jennifer paints subjects that bring joy to her life. She enjoys painting the paragliders at Torrey Pines, egrets, citrus and avocado trees, the beach and surfers. “They all have a personal story attached to them of why they’re important to me,” she said.

Jennifer began painting after moving to Encinitas in 2002. Captivated by the coastal town’s beauty, she decided she wanted to j.richards02encapsulate a bit of it. She went out and bought a large canvas and paint. She spent time painting, then re-painting, then re-painting some more, and then, determined, invested herself in art classes.

From there, Jennifer refined her skills and pushed herself. She’s always hungry to improve and quotes that as her best motivation. “The moment I become fully satisfied with my work is the moment I stop progressing. I’m in my early adolescence as a painter – I can walk and talk, but there is so much more to learn before I can dance and sing,” she revealed.

Jennifer recently exhibited her artwork, So Cal Muse, at the Encinitas 101 Mainstreet Association’s art gallery. After her solo exhibition, she noted a change in herself and her work. “I’m becoming less focused on what I’m painting, and more focused on how I’m painting it,” she noted. She’s still in the process of developing her voice as a painter, but she’s well-prepared and excited for the adventure ahead. “I expect it to be a long journey, but this meandering path keeps me engaged in the process. I’m in this for the long haul,” related Jennifer.

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