photo by Rob Miller

Film Philosopher

Rob Miller not only finds inspiration in film, he uses it as a medium to grapple with human truths, reach the profound, the absurd, and, most importantly, to connect with people. “Film impacts people in a way that no other form of media can. I find wonder and awe in the vast unknowns that humanity has yet to discover,” revealed Rob.

Rob’s passion for the film industry began back in 2007 at La Costa Canyon High School (LCC) when he started the LCC Film Club. To this day, Rob remembers screening The Dark Knight. “We did it over a week, and we had to stop letting people in at one point because the room got so full,” he said.

While still in high school, Rob submitted a documentary that was produced by Del Mar Television. The film won an award for Best Student Film at the Idyllwild International Festival of Cinema. The film he made with fellow classmate, Dasha Burns, won Best Cinematography in a short film at the festival the year after. Since then, Rob has won a number of commercial competitions with companies including Microsoft, VIZIO, and Avocados from Mexico.

Rob is currently working on the documentary film RISE, which focuses on the future of the human species. The project was conceived in film school where Rob met his writing partner, Douglisio DiMuccio, and was inspired by the duos interest in the way humans will adapt and evolve with the introduction of new, future technologies. “As our universe becomes more accessible over this next century and the centuries to follow, there are certain questions that we should be asking,” said Rob. “What we’re aiming to do is begin that conversation.”

Rob’s film philosophy is his main motivation for making movies. “I’m not in this industry to make money or jump from one success to the other,” he explained. “I’m in film for the same reason that I wanted to be in it when I was 10 years old, to reach as many minds as I can and through the power of storytelling, help them rise to their full potential.”