by TORI MORRISON | photo by Kris Skurja Photography

Common Ground

Seacoast Community Church (SCC) was conceived to establish common ground centered on faith in God among a community of people in North County San Diego. What began as a small Bible study group in 1979 now flourishes as a community whose people play a key role in the vitality of the church. “Relationships are imperative to the heartbeat of Seacoast,” stated Whitney Gandara, Communications Coordinator at SCC.

SCC was founded with the mission “to bring life to people and glory to God” in Encinitas. SCC believes that a relationship with Jesus should be present in all aspects of life. SCC elaborated, “We are a family of imperfect people who gather on Sunday mornings to learn about God and apply what we’ve learned throughout the week. What we do on Sundays isn’t the end, but a means to the end, namely God’s glory. This is our lifestyle.”

SCC welcomes people of all ages and offers ministry programs for children, teenagers, and adults. Kids Ministry – which is open to newborns and older – centers around Bible-based curriculum with fun activities, stories, and Homefront, a resource which allows parents to partner with the church to further their child’s biblical education. Student Ministry provides junior high, high school and college weekly gatherings. Students are able to meet for worship, Bible discussion, life groups, and events. The church encourages adults to join a Life Group, which “not only develops deeper relationships, but also helps group members to learn from one another as we ask questions and reflect on what we learned the previous Sunday, or what we are learning in life,” said Whitney.

Relationships are imperative to the heartbeat of Seacoast”
– Whitney Gandara, Communications Coordinator at SCC

As a congregation, SCC meets every Sunday morning at 9 a.m. and 10:45 a.m. Whitney explained, “Pastors Dale and Ryan share from the Bible and how we can grow in a certain area of our faith as we trust in Jesus, and Paige Carlson, our worship director, leads us in powerful worship through singing.”

SCC not only works to foster relationships between its people and God, but also to other areas of the Encinitas community. SCC members are involved with the San Diego Urban Mission, Bread of Life, and the Community Resource Center. SCC also hosts BILY, a parent support group, as well as multiple “anonymous” (AA, NA, etc.) meetings and more. SCC is currently giving back to the community through their LOVE Seacoast initiative. The leadership is currently meeting with community leaders to discuss ways to provide service to Encinitas.

“SCC is a great place to learn more about God and Jesus,” related Whitney. “The transparency of our people brings a common ground for everyone who attends. We’ve all got our imperfections. That makes this community a prime place to see healing, freedom, and learning what it means to be an everyday follower of Jesus.”

“It’s simple, really, it’s an authentic community of people, who believe in Jesus Christ. People who love well, want to serve to better in our community (and our world), and people who want to be transformed by God,” said Kris, a SCC member. To find out more information about SCC’s ministry programs, volunteer work, or services visit


Name of Church: Seacoast Community Church seacoast01
Pastors: Dale Burke and Ryan Rosenbaum
Years in Position: Dale Burke – 3 years; Ryan Rosenbaum – 2 years
Year of Establishment: 1979
Address: 1050 Regal Rd., Encinitas, CA 92024
Email Contact:
Phone: 760-753-3003
Description of Church: Seacoast Community Church is a family of imperfect people who gather on Sunday mornings to learn about God. What they do on Sundays isn’t the end, but a means to the end, namely God’s glory. They want God to get the glory in every aspect of their lives. This isn’t performance-based religion; these are grace-based rhythms done in response to God’s love for them. This is their lifestyle.