In light of March’s National Cancer Awareness Month, SeaVees will being auctioning off a custom-made Reynolds “Renny” Yater Spoon long board to benefit colon cancer research with an eBay auction starting Sunday, March 16th.  The eBay auction will run through March 26.

To kick off their 50 year anniversary and Legend Series celebration, SeaVees has partnered with renowned surfboard shaper, Reynolds “Renny” Yater. In the summer of 1964, the same year SeaVees was originally founded, Yater honed his talent to carve out the original Yater Spoon. To honor the dual 50th anniversaries and Colon Cancer Awareness Month, Yater has shaped a custom Spoon for SeaVees that will be available on auction. The Spoon was the thinnest, lightest and most maneuverable longboard of its time. The shape remains the board of choice among many longboarders today, solidifying Yater’s status as a surf icon. Visit for more information.

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