by GABBY CATALANO | photos by Soul of Photography and Project Wildlife Care Center Staff

Where has the time gone? It’s 2014 and there are a few short months left of school. In earlier editions of the Mustang Insider, advice was given to the incoming freshmen about life at San Dieguito Academy (SDA) and the talented and community-driven high school that gave it its uniqueness to North County. So what’s new as of now? It’s second semester and seniors are beginning to drift into the “it’s time to relax” phase after submitting their college applications, the new stadium field is really coming along, and the student activities keep developing. But let’s not forget about the world-renowned Coachella Music Festival which many SDA students typically attend and enjoy days of their favorite bands in the desert.

Senior year – a time when seniors apply to college, complete scholarship applications, and stress-out as they wait for the decision to start their college career, has many seniors looking for ways to alleviate this stress. During this waiting period, seniors ease the pain by treating themselves to activities like going to Comedy Sportz games, enjoying the works of musical and theatrical students at Cabaret Night, practicing for the Talent Show on March 13, or attending the Theater For a Cause production of “Steel Magnolias”. The production is scheduled for March 6, 7, and 8 and tickets can be bought on the SDA Theater website. There’s always something exciting happening and the seniors never miss it.

After long months of construction, the students now have a polished stadium field with a new track, turf, added palm trees and rocks, and a tall gate surrounding the field. There’s definitely a more high school sports feel now. The soccer and lacrosse teams have already played and comments over the field have been positive. The school construction is still continuing too. Bleachers are being added to the field and new math and science buildings are scheduled to be built. It’s nice for seniors to spend their last year with an improved sports field, knowing that future SDA students will soon enjoy sitting in brand-new classrooms. I guess us seniors will have to wait for our reunion to see how all these changes came to fruition.

As students wrap-up their final months of school, they’ll continue to enjoy the events and activities to come, and an ample selection is always available at SDA and our surrounding areas. So whether you’re a student, a parent, or still deciding on your high school selection, come to one of these SDA activities and see what all the camaraderie is about.

Gabby Catalano is an incoming senior at San Dieguito Academy. She will be the ‘Mustang Insider’ for the 2013 – 2014 school year and can be contacted at