by ANGIE GALLO | photos by Soul of Photography

The story of Mark and Jude James began after meeting in a small Cheshire countryside town in the North of England. In 1999 they married in a small ceremony, sharing their special day amongst family and friends. Several years and four boys later, the James family took their thirst for travel and left the demands of work for a more simple life and pink sandy beaches in the Bahamas. Over the years they built a spectacular home and a successful business.

In 2010, the James family moved from the Bahamas to a little town we all know and love called Encinitas. With their creative minds and entrepreneurial business sense, both Mark and Jude now run their successful businesses from home. Mark incorporated his rich family history in music with his love for restoring old cars and now has (Mark just so happens to be the cousin of the late great pioneer of Reggae, Peter Tosh!) Jude still owns the Beach House Boutique which is a clothing and gift store located in the Bahamas.

Their life in Encinitas is very similar to life in the Bahamas. They are on “island time” enjoying the simple life of family and happiness here in the states. With four boys Elliott (13), Eden (10), Milo (8), and Herbie (7) you can imagine mom Jude is out-numbered, and she says the boys remind her of that fact every single day. The family enjoys their time together with Saturday stops at Café Ipe in Leucadia, hanging out and listening to music. All four boys are in karate and are currently all learning to play guitar. “The boys are reminded by their grandfather not to forget their Jamaican roots and to embrace their family background, and he encourages them to be musical because of the family’s musical history”, says Jude.

The James family has a tight bond. Jude said, “Often we find ourselves going a few weekends without seeing friends because we just love to hang out as a family!” As a family they have a saying: be kind to everyone, be helpful, don’t judge and to always find the positive and stand up for what you believe is right. With a rich family life and love for the ocean breeze, palm trees and great weather, the James family has found their island in the sun right here in Encinitas.

The James Family

Parents: Mark and Jude James
Children: Elliott (13) 7th grade at Diegueno Middle School
Eden (10) 5th grade at Capri Elementary School
Milo (8) 3rd grade at Capri Elementary School
Herbie (7) 2nd grade at Capri Elementary School
Community: Encinitas/Leucadia since 2010
Hometown: Chesire, England
Profession: Self Employed. Mark is the owner of (restoring old VW vehicles etc. and merchandise). Jude is the owner of the Beach House Boutique and clothing and gift store in the Bahamas.