On March 7 and 8 more than sixty high school robotics competition teams from across San Diego and around the world will compete at the 8th Annual San Diego Regional First Robotics Competition. The event takes place at the Valley View Casino Center at 3500 Sports Arena Blvd in San Diego, is open to the public. Admission and parking are free to all.

FIRST Team Paradox 2102 is in its 8th year of competition and is getting ready to showcase what its robot can do in this year’s game, Aerial Assist. “It’s passion first for Team Paradox,” said Romy Beigel, marketing president for Team Paradox. “Our robot this year is a team player ready to pass, catch, throw the ball and score lots of points.”

Attendees of all ages will watch as high school students drive teams of three 120 pound robots up and down a 25’ x 54’ field, each team passing, throwing and launching a 2’ diameter ball between robots, over obstacles and into goals to score and win this year’s game. Off the field, teams and individual students will be judged and win awards for safety, spirit and personal commitment to the core values of FIRST. Come and watch Team Paradox’s yellow, red and blue robot focused on passing and shooting over obstacles, its committed drivers and pit crew on the floor, and their colorful teammates cheering in the seats above.

“These kids amaze me every day with what they want to do and what they can do. I see real dedication from each of them whether building the robot, creating merchandise, fundraising or writing presentations,” said Darryl Walton, engineering mentor for Team Paradox. “It’s been a real pleasure helping them learn, watching them build robots and relationships and seeing them off to success at their first competition of the season!”

For more information on FIRST Team Paradox 2102 and regular updates leading up to the San Diego Regional, please visit sdarobotics.org. You can also check out Team Paradox on Facebook and Twitter by searching for FIRST Robotics Team Paradox 2102.