Surfing is a tough sport. To maneuver a board as it slices through a wave is both impressive and skillful. For the members of the San Dieguito Academy (SDA) Surf Team, surfing has become so instrumental in their lives that they compete against other high school surf teams for domination in the sport.

The SDA Surf Team has been a local powerhouse since the 1970s. Currently, there are seventy members with approximately thirty of them on the competitive team. The team participates in the Scholastic Surf Series with a team in both Division 1 and Division 2, which translates to varsity and junior varsity. This year, both varsity and junior varsity have remained undefeated after three contests, coming out on top above the other high schol surf teams in San Dieguito School District.

The team also values community service, and requires each team member to participate in community service each year. Taking it a step further, the team takes a trip each year to Central America and other locations, where they give back by participating in a project to help the local community. Last year the team coordinated with the Rob Machado Foundation and their Hydration Nation program in Nicaragua.
If you’re down by the beaches this coming year, keep a look out for these fantastic surfers.