Longtime 92024 residents, Rebecca and Laurent Carrer, have recently completed a creative joint venture. Rebecca’s new novel “Rain Shadow” is about the Los Angeles and OwensValley conflict over the aqueduct bringing the Owens River water to the city. This past Nov. 5 was the centennial of the opening day celebration, when William Mulholland christened the water cascading down into the San Fernando Valley with the oft-quoted words: “There it is – take it.”

The couple then thought of creating a musical score to align with certain chapters and passages in the book. If movies could have their own soundtracks, why not books? Adding to the local Encinitas vibe, all compositions were recorded at SpragueLand, with Peter Sprague, an Encinitas musical hero, playing on several of the tracks. You can find more about the novel by visiting www.rainshadownovel.com.