The Exciting Cote Clan Has Their Finger On The Pulse

Some people long to spread their wings and fly the coop. Others treasure their hometown so much, they have no desire to search for greener pastures. The Cote family falls in the latter category. Patriarch Chris, who lives in Leucadia with his wife Marie and two young sons, London, 5, and Roman, 2, even lives across the street from the house he grew up in (where his mom still resides). He proudly stated, “We’ve had the chance to relocate so many times, but why move when you already live in the best place there is? We love living in Leucadia! There are great schools, fantastic beaches, wonderful people and amazing places to hang out; and yeah, it’s still funky.”

[pullquote align=”right”]We’ve had the chance to relocate so many times, but why move when you already live in the best place there is?[/pullquote]

Chris likes it a little funky, and his employment positions reflect his fondness for an urban eclectic-cool vibe. He recently started his own company, Cote Media Group, and as a content director for GrindTV, he does freelance work for such trendsetting magazines and websites as Transworld SKATEboarding, Monster Children, STAB and Later. He also consults for emerging brands such as Hitcase, an iPhone case company, and works closely with Tim Swart at UNIV, an Encinitas-based streetwear brand and shop. Wife Marie also has her finger on the pulse of edgy-chic hipness, working for Julez Bryant, a Carlsbad-based high-end hand-crafted jewelry company.

The Cotes regularly enjoy the wonderful outdoor activities that living in Leucadia affords them. Marie mentioned, “Our interests include surfing, skateboarding and lots of beach time. We also take advantage of the parks and  rails around town, especially the Torrey Pines State Park trails and the San Elijo Lagoon area. We try to get to one of those spots every weekend.”

Grateful for all that they have, the Cotes wanted to spread the love. They joined forces with Chris’ brother and sister last November to host the first annual Toys for Tots Surf Jam at Moonlight Beach, followed by a pancake breakfast at UNIV. Three giant boxes of toys were collected for children in need, and local businesses even donated raffle prizes. Chris elaborated, “It was such a fun day. We had a great turnout and got really fun waves, as well as a nice pancake breakfast party.” Something tells us every day probably feels like a party for the exciting Cote clan.

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Parents: Chris Cote (37) and Marie Cote (33)
Children: London (5) attends Bethlehem, Roman (2) attends The Seed
Community: Leucadia since 1979
Hometown: Encinitas/Leucadia
Profession: Chris – Owner of Cote Media Group | Marie – Julez Bryant Fine Jewelery
Pet: Josie the Maltese