Kalina Quinn is Off to Surf and Off to College

As Kalina Quinn continues her senior year at the Grauer School in Encinitas, there is no question in regards to her abilities to be a top academic achiever. In 2013, Kalina received the Outstanding Academic Achievement Award in science, history, U.S. world history and English as well as Outstanding Student in high school English and Gold Presidential awards.

Beyond the awards and the academic accomplishments Kalina is a true California girl who puts her books down and hits the surf. Kalina said, “I live in Encinitas. I love it here because it’s so relaxed. We have gorgeous beaches and everyone is so incredibly friendly. The weather is always so beautiful and I can do my homework outside!”

With her love of 92024 beaches, it’s no wonder she joined the expeditionary program at her school where twice a year the program travels locally or internationally with her peers. This year Kalina visited Bahia de Los Angeles, Mexico. According to Kalina, it was the best week of her life. “I had the opportunity to swim with whale sharks, eat fresh fish, sleep outside, and snorkel in the clearest, most beautiful water I’ve ever seen.” What she realized on her trip was how the experience has shown her how to keep a balance between academics and gaining life experience.

[quote]I had the opportunity to swim with whale sharks, eat fresh fish, sleep outside, and snorkel in the clearest, most beautiful water I’ve ever seen[/quote]

Kalina received the Commended National Merit Scholar Honor Award and is a member of the National Honors Society. Not only is this star student dedicated to her academics, but also to her family life. When asked what inspires her, Kalina said, “My brother Colin. He is such a positive, happy person that I can’t help but feel good about myself when I am around him. I love spending time with him and he keeps me grounded. I don’t know what I’m going to do without him next year when I go off to college!”

Recently Kalina took her love for the ocean a step further and obtained an internship at the Salk Institute. With an obvious talent to be a go-getter, she continues finding fun ways to enjoy school throughout the year. As senior class president, she is enjoying planning Grad Night and can’t wait to start putting together graduation for the Class of 2014. Kalina Quinn is a girl on the move. She surfs, loves her family, and has big college plans on the horizon. She’s truly a girl who is livin’ the dream.

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Name: Kalina Elizabeth Quinn (17)
School: The Grauer School
Parents: Maxine Garcia and Kevin Quinn
Sibling: Colin Quinn