Meet the ABSTRACT3 Artists at your Local Library

The Encinitas Library Art Gallery is pleased to announce a reception for three local artists on Saturday, Dec. 28, from 2 to 4 p.m. These artists with their diverse backgrounds agree that abstract art offers a certain hard-to-find freedom and are excited to exhibit their art side by side in the ocean-view art gallery. The reception is free and open to the public, and will include light refreshments.

Lauren LeVieux experiences abstract painting as a direct interaction between the known and the unknown. She believes that an ideal abstract may give the viewer exactly what they need to see in a given moment. Because an abstract can have the elasticity to conform to the viewer’s need without losing its essence, it becomes a mode of communication that can bypass the layers of our word-based language.

Priscilla Bernstein works on large scale hand-built canvases with latex paint to create texture & depth by mimicking nature’s use of repetition of organic & abstract shapes. She says, “With my connection to the natural world around us I find the roots of my inspiration. I am fed by the beauty, the imperfect perfection & the magic of repetition & cycles in nature. My work reflects the rawness & depth of the organic process as I let each piece lead the natural path it will take.” Each piece has a life & vibration all its own.

Julie Saltman says about her art: “Color, shapes, texture, people, places and moods are all important in my paintings. Because of my background in sociology and community action, and because I care about these issues I sometimes have themes of peace and justice in my work. Sometimes I paint scenes from travels to far-off places. But sometimes I just paint with joy and produce abstract fantasies. I feel privileged to be able to transfer my feelings and thoughts into paintings, and to share them with any viewers of my work.”