[heading]by GABBY CATALANO

photos by Soul of Photography[/heading]

SDA Campus Life

San Dieguito Academy (SDA) is home to diverse selections of entertainment and fun-filled activities that evolve each year. This year SDA has re-amped its style and has introduced a variety of opportunities for the Mustang students, both new and continuing. From comedy and the arts, to academics and sports, SDA has kicked off the school year in an industriously creative way.

Comedy and theater have been an important part of SDA’s culture since the beginning, and they are here to ensue. The Comedy Sportz team, an improvisation group of about six competing students and over 10 non-competing students, deliver hilarious shows of audience participation and bespoke skits each month. SDA honors its Comedy Sportz team, as they are a diverse collection aspiring to be the next Drew Carey or Will Ferrell. Being a fan of comedy, I have attended almost every game of my fours years at SDA and can proudly say that I have never laughed so much outside of the theater. Parents, relatives, and friends of the Mustangs, don’t be shy, attend the next games on Nov. 1 or Dec. 6. You may regret it if you don’t.

For the first time, Saturday Night Live (SNL) came to SDA. The drama production class put on a reenactment of SNL skits instead of the usual fall play. Being an editor for the The Mustang newspaper gives me the advantage to preview events such as this. Classic SNL skits such as Spartan Cheerleader, The Target Lady, Mighty Mouse, and Girlfriends Talk Show were reenacted with an SDA student twist, making it a powerfully hysterical performance.

Sports: a term most North County residents don’t associate SDA with, being in the shadow of the sports-centric La Costa Canyon High School. However, with the re-construction of the SDA stadium field, this demonstrates the commitment to continue to invest and enrich in the athletic programs. There will be an artificial turf, a synthetic track, and a stadium reconstruction scheduled to be complete around 2016.

SDA has always been known for their academic clubs and interests. This year they’ve added AP Art History and Engineering classes which seem to be the most popular. Cheer Club and Astronomy Club are also new and during the first quarter, more clubs will be announced.

As you can see, SDA provides a nice menu of academics and sports activities, as well as satisfying the creative and artsy minds of the students. It’s a shame that this is my last year at SDA. I’ll be somewhere on the East Coast, shivering in the winter and longing for Encinitas.