4 – 6 PM
Tuesday Movie
A combination of movies ranging from big, new releases to old school classics that has something for everyone.  Contact library for titles.

December 1
2 – 3 p.m.
First Sunday Music Series:  Moonlight Beach Serenaders
The Moonlight Beach Serenaders, made up of four musicians and about four to six hula dancers. The group will present a Hawaiian-style Christmas concert with Christmas carols sung in Hawaiian and English, accompanied by hula dancers interpreting the lyrics and music.

December 5
6 p.m.
Concert:  Dromia.
San Diego band, Dromia, formed in 2008, plays folk music from Balkan and Southeastern European countries. Trio members are Mary Marshall on  various ethnic percussion instruments, Sanna Rosengren on vocals and violin, and Dan Ziagos on accordion. The band members have played and studied Balkan music for many years, and have collaborated with and learned from many musicians from the U.S. and beyond. All of the band members are avid folk dancers, and they bring their love of the dances to their music.  This evening’s program includes folk music from Greece, Albania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, and Turkey, as well as Roma (gypsy) melodies from this region. Listen for uneven time signatures such as 7/8, 9/8 and 11/16, as well as non-Western musical scales known as “makam”. The songs are sung in the original languages and most of these songs are dance melodies.

December 11
6 p.m.
Acoustic Showcase:  Jeff Berkley.
The son of a traveling evangelist, Jeff Berkley grew up in Southern California, playing drums in alternative rock bands. After high school, he discovered the African djembe, which he combined with cymbals to create a barehanded style of percussion that is uniquely his own.

Before long, he was playing regularly in San Diego coffee houses and clubs with the likes of Jewel, Steve Poltz and The Rugburns, Gregory Page and Joel Rafael, who soon after began The Joel Rafael Band. While traveling and performing with the Joel Rafael Band on the folk festival circuit, folk songwriter fixtures like Tom Prasada-Rao, Ellis Paul, Johnsmith, Don Conoscenti, Sara Hickman, Steve Seskin, and Chris Rosser, took notice of Berkley’s playing, inviting him to sit in whenever he’s around.  All the while, Berkley too, was playing guitar and writing his own music; and in 1998 he came out from behind his drum to perform his songs in a band, which included fellow singer/songwriters, Dani Carroll, John Katchur, and future partner Calman Hart. In the spring of 1999, Berkley won the prestigious New Folk Songwriter Competition in Kerrville Texas, past winners of which include Joel Rafael, Lyle Lovett, Jerry Jeff Walker, and Hal Ketchum. Not long after, Berkley teamed up with Hart, and the duo Berkley Hart was born. Berkley Hart has just independently released their first album, “Wreck n Sow.”

December 12
6:30 p.m.
How Primary Food has a connection to the Secondary Food we Eat and Crave
Freddi Pakier received her training to practice Health Counseling at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and Columbia University in New York which is the only nutrition school integrating all the different dietary theories—combining the knowledge of traditional philosophies with modern concepts like the USDA food pyramid, the glycemic index, the Zone and raw foods.  She also has certification through the American Association of Drugless Practioners (AADP) in addition to holding a BSBA in Business and Education.  Freddi teaches gluten free, quick and easy cooking classes and offers a seasonal food based cleanse.  When we use secondary food as a way to alleviate or suppress our hunger for primary food, the body and the mind suffer.  Weight gain is just one of the consequences.  Diet-related disorders such as heart disease, cancer, obesity, high blood pressure and diabetes are national epidemics and one of the main reasons is because we are stuffing ourselves with secondary foods when we are really starving for primary food.  Learn the difference between primary food and secondary food.  Learn:

•     Learn about the 8 causes of cravings

•     Learn 10 ways to deal with and eliminate sugar addition

•     Learn how mood is tied into the food you eat

•     Learn about the energetics of food

December 15
1: 30 – 4 p.m.
Ballet: The Nutcracker, Janice Lee’s Youth Ballet

Enjoy excerpts of the classic holiday ballet, set to the music of Tchaikovsky, presented with a cast of children and adults and costumes and sets depicting the Victorian era. Made possible by a grant from the Betty Scalice Foundation (CCF).
Info: (760) 753-7811, www.JaniceLeeBallet.com . 

December 18
6 p.m.
Preparing for Baby
Chelsea Gladden, Co-founder of BreezyMama.com and ForKidsEntertainment.com will be teaching a free workshop on how to get ready for baby.

December 21
10 a.m.
Vastu: Secrets for a Successful Life with Michael Mastro, Vastu Architect
Michael Mastro is the leading expert of Vastu in the West. Corporate clients include Boeing, NASA, Oracle, Microsoft, Intel, as well as individuals worldwide. He has used Vastu principles to design buildings for Microsoft, Boeing and the Art of Living. During this presentation, learn powerful tips to:

  •     Increase productivity and reduce expenses
  •     Attract career opportunities and success
  •     Improve relationships at home and work
  •     Reduce stress and strengthen health

No time consuming remodeling is required. His book, The Way of Vastu-Creating Prosperity – Through the Power of the Vedas is considered an important resource in understanding how stress impedes success in all areas of life. Michael is a long time Art of Living teacher and has been improving the quality of people’s lives through Vastu rectification for over 40 years.