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Local Author, Publisher
and Literary Agent
Bill Gladstone Inspires
Readers Worldwide

As a literary agent, Bill Gladstone has represented some of the most influential authors of the last several decades including Deepak Chopra, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Linus Torvald, creator of Linux, and Tom Anderson, creator of Myspace. He is also an accomplished author himself, having written the fictional novels The Twelve and the recently released The Power of Twelve. “My primary goal is to entertain, inspire and provoke thought in my readers, perhaps even helping to make the world a more joyful place by doing so,” stated Bill.

Bill’s roots in the literary world run deep – he was born into a book publishing family. Bill’s initial inspiration came from his father who founded Arco Publishing. His own adventure began with him doing favors for friends, including documentation writers for Kaypro, one of the earliest personal computer companies. “Indirectly, my relationship with Andy Kay of Del Mar led to my original focus on representing computer authors,” said Bill. And that focus led to his company, Waterside Productions, becoming one of the most important sources of how-to computer information in the world, publishing the Dummies series of books and many other informational publications.

Over the years, Bill has been a vital part of the ever-changing publishing world, serving as an advisor for the first e-book, print on demand and online learning companies. “Change is constant; sometimes it takes 10 years or more to become an ‘overnight success.’ This industry may evolve, but books will always be part of our lives,” related Bill, who also founded and created one of the foremost technology conferences in publishing.

Bill is truly a local success story, having built his literary agency and publishing empire in Cardiff-by-the-Sea. However, before settling along the coast of northern San Diego, he graduated with an undergraduate degree from Yale and a graduate degree in cultural anthropology from Harvard. “As a recent graduate, I traveled the world as a researcher for Rod Serling’s In Search of Mysteries television show,” revealed Bill. Now that he is firmly planted in Cardiff, Bill can often be found playing golf and tennis, his two favorite pastimes. In fact, he is the current Poinsettia Golf Champion at Encinitas Ranch Golf Course. He also loves to barbecue and enjoys getting together with “positive idea people.” Whatever he is doing, it is certain that Bill Gladstone is living life to the fullest in the community.


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Name:  William Gladstone
Age:  63
Community: Cardiff-by-the-Sea
Year Moved: Del Mar in 1979, Cardiff in 2003
Profession: Literary Agent/Publisher and Author
Hobbies: Golf, tennis, skiing
Family: Two children
Website: www.williamgladstone.org
Contact Information: Antoinette Kuritz, Strategies Literary PR,
858-467-1978; akuritz@strategiespr.com