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Former Owner of Weidner’s
Gardens Becomes
Encinitas Holiday Parade
Grand Marshal

 Evelyn Weidner’s parents were in the nursery and flower business, and she wholeheartedly embraced their path. In 1968 she moved to Encinitas to join the large community of growers who selected this area for its perfect growing climate. She and her husband Bob opened Weidner’s Gardens, and it blossomed each year as they added crops, opened earlier and later each season and developed the Weidner brand name of blooming plants. Those buying plants that have the Proven Winner’s tag attached to them have Evelyn and Bob Weidner to thank. Evelyn reminisced, “The folks who come to Weidner’s Gardens aren’t customers, they’re friends, and we care about their gardens and want to help them become better gardeners.” Earlier this year Evelyn passed the torch to the younger generation by selling her business to her head grower, Olive Storm, and her head manager, Kalim Owen, which allows her even more time to support her community.

No newcomer to community service, this year Evelyn humbly agreed to perform as the Grand Marshal of the Encinitas Holiday Parade. She is also actively working to transform the San Dieguito Heritage Museum by preserving the past and present in an appealing way. Because Evelyn enjoys meeting and getting to know people while simultaneously making her community a better place, she has also served for many years on the board of the Community Resource Center, has been a member of the Encinitas rotary club, has been an active member of the Solana Beach Presbyterian Church and has been a member of the San Diego Flower and Plant Association.

Additionally, Evelyn loves spending time with her three grown children and their families, reading, gardening and traveling. Her secret ambition is to travel across the United States, stopping at every lake and river to either fish or swim.


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Full Name: Evelyn Weidner

Age: 84

Community of Residence: Encinitas

Year Moved to the Community: 1968