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The Grauer School Fosters Academic and Character Growth

The Grauer School delivers what larger schools cannot – an authentic balance between providing college prep academic rigor, developing student internal motivation, nurturing core values and producing expeditionary learning opportunities. Dr. Stuart Grauer, The Grauer School’s founder, discovered the secret to school success after teaching for 17 years in six U.S. based and international schools that encompassed kindergarten through post graduate teaching in public and private schools settings. Grauer explained, “Many years of research have shown that in schools of 230 or fewer, there are significant gains in connectedness, academic achievement, and safety (physical and emotional).” To capitalize on this small school benefit, enrollment for The Grauer School is capped at 150 for grades six through 12. “Close to 100% of our students and parents feel connected to The Grauer School and like school. This is due to our relationship-based education model and overall accessibility to teachers and administration. Essentially, students have a better academic experience if their school environment offers close bonding opportunities with peers and teachers,” revealed Grauer.

GrauerSchool_10The character of each student is carefully developed via nurturing internal motivation, concentrating on core values and by providing expeditionary learning opportunities. Because lifelong success stems from internal motivation, the instructional aim at The Grauer School is to create a positive, enriching, Socratic academic environment that encourages students to shape and achieve their personal goals. Six core values are emphasized: resourcefulness, compassion, self-advocacy, intellectual curiosity, perseverance and accountability. On a daily basis, faculty and students demonstrate these core values. The expeditionary learning program allows students to take part in cultural and educational missions throughout the world. It supports the compassion core value and teaches students to become community advocates. As a result, students average over 100 community service hours before graduating.

At The Grauer School, excellence is expected by all. Dr. Grauer recently published a book entitled Real Teachers: True Stories of Renegade Educators and created the Coalition of Small Preparatory Schools to provide a network for small schools and provide awareness of small school benefits. The principal, Dana Abplanalp-Diggs, is loved by parents and students. Tricia Shemwell, the college placement officer, has an unparalleled college placement record. The recent graduating seniors had an amazing 89% college application acceptance rate. Parents hoping to find a balance between rigorous college preparatory academics, expeditionary learning, internal motivation and core values, need look no further than The Grauer School.GrauerSchool_12

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Name of Business:        The Grauer School
Owners:             Dr. Stuart Grauer
Years in Position:        22 Years
Year of Establishment:     1991
Address:             1500 S. El Camino Real, Encinitas CA, 92024
Website:             www.grauerschool.com
Email:            info@grauerschool.com
Phone:            760-274-2116
Description of Business:    The Grauer School is an independent, non-profit middle and high school (grades 6-12) accredited by WASC and is a member of CAIS. The Grauer School balances college preparatory education with expeditionary learning and Socratic teaching.