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Galen Heuer Moved to Leucadia and Made it Home

Almost everyone you meet in San Diego is from another part of the country, or even the world. It’s what brings such an interesting mix of ideas, cultures and ethnicities to our population. Galen Heuer and her little sister Bree are two relatively recent additions to San Diego.

Galen and her family moved to Leucadia from San Francisco just one year ago. “My neighborhood is awesome and I’ve made a bunch of great friends,” said Galen. When you’re 10 years old, a new school can make a big impact on your life. “I go to Capri Elementary and I’m going into fifth grade this year,” said Galen. “My teacher last year, Mrs. Jones, was a really good teacher who was really nice. I really like how my school is an outdoor school, and how there’s lots of cool events there, like the Jog-A-Thon and the Valentine’s Day dance.”

t.f.-8708Having a variety of interests seems to be important for Galen and her family. She enjoys playing kickball and baseball, playing the piano, listening to music and reading. “I have also been doing karate at the YMCA for a year and I’m almost an orange belt,” explained Galen. The Heuer family has some regional influences too. “I have a younger sister and I have cousins in New York, Connecticut and Los Angeles,” described Galen. “My mom is Chinese, so I speak Mandarin as well as English.”t.f.-8621

Galen says her favorite subject to study in school is science, “because I love learning about the way the world works and how humans and animals move.” She is inspired by Amelia Earhart and explained why. “She was the first girl to do what only boys had done before, and I think everyone has to at least try to make themselves stand out like that,” said Galen. Her father, Jonathan, explained one way his daughter and Amelia are a bit similar. He said,” What most impresses me about Galen is her drive and creativity. Pixar has a phrase for something they try to do with every character, scene and movie – plussing. As in, ‘this scene is great, but how can we plus it?’ One of Galen’s strengths is her continual attempt to ‘plus’ everything she does, be it school work, play or whatever.”

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Name:  Galen Liu Heuer
Age:  10
School:  Capri Elementary
Grade:  5th
Parents:  Jonathan Heuer and Jean Liu
Sibling’s name & age:  Bree Heuer (8)