[heading]by kathy loy | photos by Soul of Photography[/heading]It’s just a guess to say that Michael and Denise Guerena’s home in Olivenhain is rarely quiet. They have three sons, Michael, Matthew and Nick (ages 16, 14 and 12, respectively) and three dogs. It’s a full house!

The boys are all involved in multiple sports and activities. “We got involved in sports by being introduced to them from a young age,” said Michael. “Our parents felt it was important to get exercise and play outdoors. Sports taught us good sportsmanship, to be part of a team, to compete and work your hardest.”

3-t.f.-7176Michael has played baseball, his favorite sport, for 10 years. He started out on recreational teams, then moved to travel ball and is now at Cathedral Catholic High School (CCHS), where he played freshman and JV ball. “I am also on a showcase baseball team called Team California,” explained Michael. “I will be traveling around the country with this team for the summer.” During alternating sports seasons, Michael also plays football. He played Pop Warner football in middle school, as well as freshman and JV football at CCHS.

Little brother Matthew has taken a more varied approach to his sports. He played baseball from ages six to 13, soccer for a few years, lacrosse for a year and finally he “fell in love with football.” He played throughout his years at Diegueño Middle School and will spend his summer at football camp at CCHS , where he will play freshman football in the fall.

All the Guerena brothers train at Prolific Athletes to help them excel in their sports. “I do weightlifting to condition my body for football and increase my speed. [Trainer] Greg is a great role model; he pushes me hard. I wouldn’t be where I am today without him,” said Matthew.[pullquote align=”right”]”Sports taught us good sportsmanship, to be part of a team, to compete and work your hardest.”– Michael Guerena[/pullquote]

The youngest Guerena, Nick, is currently at Saint John Catholic School and like his brothers, he plays baseball and football. He too trains at Prolific Athletes and likes to work with Ryan Flaherty, his trainer. “We’ve been friends for over a year now. I look up to him,” said Nick. “He’s always there for me when I can’t figure something out in life. He believes in me and pushes me to be the best I can be, inside and out.”

Aside from their sports, the Guerena brothers also excel in the classroom. All three have won academic awards and recognition and all are planning to integrate sports into their college experiences. Maybe by then the Guerena’s house will be a little quieter.

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Students:  Michael (16), Cathedral Catholic High School; Matthew (14), Cathedral Catholic High School;
Nick (12), Diegueño Middle School
Parents:  Michael and Denise Guerena

*Schools reflect the 2013 – 2014 school year


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