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When Chaz and Mim relocated to San Diego years ago for a job, they first looked in Leucadia for a home. “We were determined to find a place in Leucadia to be near the beach and to enjoy the ‘funky’ lifestyle,” recalled Mim. But when they found out they couldn’t grow an edible garden at their rental, it was a deal breaker. The family relocated to New Encinitas and was finally able to put down some roots…in more ways than one.

In has been eight years since that move, and today Chaz, Mim and their 10-year-old son, Adin, couldn’t be happier in 92024. “We like the area for its mature trees, green areas in each neighborhood and the ability to walk to stores and restaurants,” said Mim, who was instrumental in starting the New Encinitas Town Council.

Aside from her involvement with the Town Council, Mim’s passion for nutritional and environmental education has led to her participation with the Green Team and Wellness Committee for the Encinitas Unified School District (EUSD), where she helps to oversee edible gardens for local schools.

t.f.-5573She is also on the Board of Directors for the Encinitas Educational Foundation and for San Diego Ag in the Classroom, and runs the Healthy Day Fund for the Coastal Community Foundation, providing healthy snacks to students who otherwise could not afford them.

Mim is also co-president for the local nonprofit group, Healthy Day Partners, where she consults with EUSD on various “going green” efforts. One project she is particularly proud of is the group’s development of the one-acre educational farm at Ocean Knoll Elementary School where, she explained, “Students will grow food for the District’s School Lunch Program, grow fresh food for the Neighborhood Food Pantry and learn how to save rare varieties of edibles from becoming extinct.”

Mim confessed that she couldn’t be the activist she is today without the love and support from Chaz and Adin. “Adin is a science enthusiast who enjoys creatively expressing himself through robotics, computers and studying the elements,” she offered. “He is also really funny!” About Chaz she gushed, “Chaz makes all of this possible by lending a hand and being the most supportive spouse an activist could ask for.”

In their down time, the family enjoys frequenting their local 92024 beaches, parks and farmers markets.

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Parents: Mim Michelove, Chaz Ackerman
Community: New Encinitas since 2008
Hometown: Mim – Lexington, MA; Chaz – Hopewell, VA
Occupation: Mim – Co-President of Healthy Day Partners; Chaz – Oracle Database Administrator
Child: Adin Ackerman (10), 4th grade at Ocean Knoll Elementary

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