2Good2B Bakery & Café Lets Customers Eat Well and Still Stay Allergy-Free

[heading] by WYNNE LOVE | photos by Michael Bielecki [/heading]

The Science

“As doctors start to understand that many diseases are associated with food allergies (over 240 currently associated with gluten alone), the number of people that seek gluten-free foods is increasing,” asserted Diana Benedek, PhD, owner of 2Good2B Bakery & Café in Encinitas. And she should know.

With a degree in Microbiology and Immunology, Dr. Diana understands better than most the effects of food on the body, and as one who suffers from fibromyalgia, she knows first-hand how debilitating those effects can be. After years of coping and creating delicious gluten-free recipes, Diana started 2Good2B Bakery Café with a partner and fellow sufferer (of Celiac disease). Now she is growing the business and its scope.

The Caveat

“More and more scientists are demonstrating that only removing gluten from your diet is not enough to cure most people from their illness,” urged Diana. “In my case, my fibromyalgia was 60% better by removing gluten alone, but I only got to play tennis again and enjoy life when I found out that I was also allergic to corn and soy. I like to call 2Good2B my safe haven as this is the only place (other than in my own kitchen) where I can eat without the worries of getting sick.”

The result is a dedicated bakery and café full of foods free of gluten, corn, soy, peanuts, corn-syrup, and GMO, so there is no chance of cross-contamination. “We offer many dairy free selections and keep on-top of the food allergy research and adapt our menus as we learn more,” Diana stated proudly. “We have many items that are non-existent in the gluten-free world: quiches, pot pies, make your own pizza, make your own sandwich and salad, cinnamon rolls and lemon bars, but our cupcakes remain our best sellers.”

The Alternative

2Good2B has won the 3rd annual Gluten Free Awards, the best and most surprising gluten cake from the Bridal Bazar, Encinitas Patch’s best breakfast place for 2012, and Ranch and Coast’s best 2013 gluten free offerings, proving, as Diana puts it, “You can take away gluten, corn, soy and even dairy from some recipes and be even better, lighter and definitively healthier than other foods as you are mostly eating brown rice, I like to say we do not serve empty calories!”

With many customers who are not even gluten-free, Diana is now stocking her products in stores like Stumps and Kiel’s, offering home-delivery and health seminars, and looking into franchising as she furthers her mission “to inform and teach people about food allergies and provide delicious gluten-free food.”

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Name of Business: 2Good2B Bakery and Café
Owner: Diana Benedek2GOOD15
Years in Position: 2.5 years
Year of Establishment: 2010
Address: 204N El Camino Real, Suite H, Encinitas, CA, 92067
Website: 2good2b.com
Email Contact: diana@2good2b.com
Phone: 760-942-4663
Description of Business: A dedicated gluten, corn and soy-free bakery and café that thrives to offer delicious food in a safe environment for people with food allergies and everyone else that loves healthy pure food as we are also corn-syrup free and GMO free.