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When you first hear that someone has been living in Encinitas for most of her life, you might just imagine a laid-back gal who would rather catch the perfect wave than work hard for her community. Think again. City Councilwoman Kristin Gaspar, who moved to Encinitas at age five, actually credits the great small-town vibe with motivating her to continuously improve her beloved locale. Kristin admitted, “I care deeply about Encinitas. It is incredibly rewarding to know the efforts I am participating in today, create a vibrant future for our town.”

Instead of asking how Kristin helps her community, you should ask how doesn’t she help her community. To begin with, she has been involved with the Encinitas Rotary Club for nine years now, and has served as its president. The Rotary supports such local services as the Community Resource Center, the San Diego Botanic Garden and the Magdalena Ecke Family YMCA , as well as such international causes as building homes in Mexico, furnishing wheelchairs to the people of Malawi and helping refugees adjust to living in the United States. Kristin explained, “The Rotary Club is an enjoyable and satisfying way for everyone to serve their community and the world.”

t.f.-6225In addition, Kristin is the president of the San Dieguito Sports Medicine & Scholarship Foundation, which employs and does fundraising for the athletic trainers programs in local high schools. She proudly stated, “We have raised several hundred thousand dollars for the schools, trainers and scholarships for student trainers.” On top of that, Kristin founded the Coast Cardiovascular Fitness Club in 2002, which provides fitness activities for seniors. She added, “Eleven years later, I still enjoy starting my Tuesday mornings leading a senior fitness walk at Swami’s.”

But it doesn’t stop there. Kristin is also the parent host of “My Beach Report,” a series of educational multi-media news programs for teens, documented by the non-profit video production company, PlanSea.org. “The programs feature a network of young, roving reporters who send in their videos highlighting what’s happening with the marine environment in their part of the world,” elaborated Kristin.

It’s hard to believe that Kristin is also a mother of three, as well as the CFO of her own local business, Gaspar Doctors of Physical Therapy. Considering how dedicated she is to her community commitments, Kristin said her favorite commitment is “spending quality time with my children, my husband and my family!”

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Name: Kristin Gaspar
Age: 33
Community: Leucadia
Profession: City of Encinitas Council Member, CFO Gaspar Doctors of Physical Therapy, President of the San Dieguito Sports Medicine & Scholarship Foundation