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“We love living here because of the positive vibes, the charm of the town and the sense of family. I fell in love with Encinitas because it reminds me of the sleepy [Oregon] town I grew up in,” exclaimed June Owens. June came to Encinitas 18 years ago, and her husband, Treggon, was born and raised in Encinitas. As related by June, Treggon’s family originally came from the Midwest. His grandfather was fed up with the cold and decided to move to Hawaii where it was always warm. “San Diego was as far as he got! They [Treggon’s grandfather and grandmother] came here in the mid-thirties despite the Depression,” explained June. The Owens family has been a fixture in Encinitas ever since. Most notably, Treggon’s parents were local chrysanthemum growers, his sister owns and operates Barrels and Branches, a local nursery, and Treggon is the acting President of the Downtown Encinitas Mainstreet Association (DEMA).

June, Treggon, and their two children, Gage and Abbigail, live near Moonlight Beach, where they take full advantage of the park and the beach. In fact, from 2009 until 2012, the Owens family operated the Moonlight Beach concession stand known as the ‘Snack Shack’. “We put love, sweat, and tears into that place, and we made it the hot spot at the beach for everyone in Encinitas. We had a great run and got to meet so many new people,” stated June. Although the Snack Shack closed when construction began on the new facilities for Moonlight Beach, June fell in love with the food business and sees herself pursuing other ventures in that industry.

Treggon, who owns and operates Tregtronics, a technical and creative consulting firm, can often be found making homemade drones and flying FPV (first person view) model aircrafts. June works with Treggon at Tregtronics and also at Jaden Biosciences in Clinical Affairs and Marketing. She enjoys cooking, gardening, photography and being with her family. “Gage loves to surf and has been surfing since he was three. Abby is our performer—she loves to sing and dance. Most of all, though, each of us loves to travel. We just celebrated our tenth wedding anniversary by taking the kids to Maui where we eloped. It was so much fun,” said June. And while the Owens family may have been bitten by the travel bug, according to June, they are always happy to return home to Encinitas.

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Parents:  Treggon Gage Owens (37), June Rachel Owens (37)
Community:  Encinitas
Year moved to Community:  Owens Family – 1930’s, June Owens – 1995
Parents Hometown:  Treggon’s Hometown – Encinitas, June’s Hometown – Lowell, OR
Parents Occupation:  Treggon – Tregtronics – NERD Services
June – Manager Tregtronics/Jaden Biosciences – Clinical Affairs/Mom
Children:  Gage Thornton Owens (8 / 3rd grade), Abbigail Anne Owens (6 / 1st grade)
Pets:  Two cocker spaniels – Ginger Jean (9), Ted (9)
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