Recently Encinitas was named as a top 25 surfing town in the world by National Geographic. To add to the city’s accolades, it also boasts the presence of the World’s Most Traveled Band. Liquid Blue, a multi-award-winning international recording, touring act and cover band has been making noise for over 15 years locally, regionally, nationally and internationally. As of this writing, the band has performed in 115 countries; all 50 states and 500 cities! And, the ensemble comes together at their solar powered recording dance studio [just close enough for a surf session at Moonlight] to create music that will move you. The band simply reveres great rock music and to their followers, it shows in every single performance. Recently we had the honor to talk with lead vocalist, hype-man, founder, manager & chief songwriter, Scott Stephens. We discussed his zest for community relations, worldly experiences, and the things he loves about 92024.




with Owner, Manager and Chief Songwriter, Scott Stephens



92024: What is the history behind Liquid Blue? When and how did it all begin?
Liquid Blue was founded in 1996. Prior to forming Liquid Blue, I was immersed in the L.A. music scene as the Editor of a punk magazine (Raw Power) and also a skater with the Los Angeles Thunderbirds Roller Derby team. Between the editing and skating, I found time to sing with “Electric Warrior”, a five-member rock outfit from the San Fernando Valley. The guitar player in “EW” was Michael Vangerov (the Grovler). The band toured the U.S. and Canada but eventually broke up, just as a buzz was starting to build. Michael joined “Rhythm Tribe”, who were quickly signed by a major label (Elektra) and I bolted the L.A. scene for Alaska, where I joined a local band, the Pacesetters and completed college with a degree in the performing arts. As an avid surfer, I eventually came back to Southern California and settled in Encinitas. Without wasting much time I called Michael to see if he would be interested in joining forces. In less than a couple of days, Michael packed his bags and headed south to join me in Encinitas.

92024: What are the accolades/awards, the band is most proud of receiving over the years they have been together?
Awards are nice but we’re more proud of the fact we’ve performed at numerous fundraisers over the years, helping charities raise money for great causes. We’ve also made several USO sponsored trips overseas in support of our troops while at the same time lending our support towards world peace.

92024: You hold two World Records, one a Guinness Record (song sung in the most languages and world’s most traveled band.) Tell us about these honors and how you were able to go about receiving them.
We are known as the World’s Most Traveled Band and that title seems to garner more attention than any of our other accolades. Our overseas shows have been through many incarnations starting with USO tours in the Middle East and most recently doing private engagements for the likes of heads of state in the Dominican Republic, Tahiti and elsewhere. Our biggest success has occurred in China and, from 2002 to the present we’ve made 15 trips there including sold out shows of between 15,000 to 65,000 in many major Chinese cities. Our biggest show in Europe was for 15,000 in Belarus (of all places!) Back at home we recently performed in our 50th state (South Dakota) and 500th city (Greensboro, N.C.)

The Guinness Record was for Earth Passport which was the first song to chart with vocals sung in nine languages. The track was written about world peace and was inspired by our unique travels around the globe. We recorded vocalists in many countries during our tour including a Russian singer in Belarus; A Hindi singer in India, and so on. It was a great experience and our first Billboard hit!

92024: You recently performed at San Diego’s most exclusive social event, the 65th Annual Jewel Ball, in La Jolla, where guests raved about what great entertainers you were. How do you prepare for such an event?
We perform at social events across the USA and abroad. That, along with corporate events, is our bread and butter, so no preparation needed; we just do our thing!

92024: It is said that Liquid Blue may just be the most unique cover band the world has ever seen. What makes Liquid Blue unique compared to other cover bands?
It’s rare for a cover band to travel outside of the United States and we’ve been to over 100 countries. . We’re a dance band with a Top-10 dance hit. We do over 600 songs. It helps that we’ve been together for 17 years. In that time, we’ve never missed a show (over 2,000 gigs). But I think what is most unique about the band is our overall youth and edginess. When clients hire Liquid Blue they want less schlock and more rock!

92024: Where are some of your favorite places you have played internationally?

• Dalian, China – A beautiful, clean and unpolluted city in their northern coastal area.
• Amsterdam, Netherlands – Everything is legal but well regulated. Almost no crime.
• Eastern Europe – The fans there are the most rabid and dedicated. Kiev was our fave city.
• Ecuador – Gorgeous, friendly country.
• Russia – Moscow is mind-blowing.
• Sydney, Australia – The world’s most beautiful harbor.
• Europe [in general] – Every European capital city is worth visiting.


92024: Where are some of your favorite places you have played in the United States?

• Kansas City – Almost a home away from home as we’ve traveled there 11 times.
• Chicago – Other than the winters, it’s one of America’s best cities.
• The Northeast (Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, etc.) – Gorgeous!
• South Dakota – Crazy Horse Memorial; Mouth Rushmore; Sturgis and the Black Hills. So much history.
• Seattle – We know the city well; downtown is eclectic and funky.

92024: Your home is Encinitas. How long has the band been based in Encinitas and what made you choose Encinitas as your home base?
Growing up in Los Angeles, we often took vacations to San Diego and I fell in love with the coastal area. In 1988, I moved my business to Encinitas and bought a home here. With its great beaches, funky-hippie culture and proximity to both San Diego and OC/LA, I don’t think there’s a better place in the world to live. And I still feel this way after seeing much of the world. Encinitas was recently ranked as one of the top 25 surfing towns in the world by National Geographic. Swami’s is world-class, but I stick to Moonlight Beach where I don’t have to fight for a wave.

92024: Liquid Blue has been designated a certified “Green Business” by the County of San Diego. What does this mean and how do you hold true to this status?
Liquid Blue facilities consist of a home recording and dance studio as well as a commercial business office. Both are located in Encinitas. The recording and dance studios are powered by the sun with 14 solar panels. In 2009, we began a program with to offset our carbon emissions. Liquid Blue invests in SRI (Socially Responsible Investments) funds exclusively. We have electric vehicles. We use only Energy Star appliances, computers that are EPEAT rated, low-flow toilets and shower heads, non-toxic pest control, non-toxic low VOC paints and natural cleaning products. For food, we choose locally grown organic produce, fair trade coffee and free-range eggs and meats. Our low water landscaping is all California native plants.

92024: Where do you see the band in five years?
The moon. It’s one place we haven’t been…yet. Seriously, we hope to release lots of new music in the next few years and see where that takes us.

92024: When the band is not traveling, how do they spend their time?
Writing; recording; marketing, etc. We all have a variety of hobbies and interests.

 92024: Where are the bands favorite places to visit in 92024?

• 2 Good 2B Bakery/Café
• Moonlight Beach
• Q’ero Restaurant
• Lotus Café
• Pannikin Coffee & Tea
• Encinitas Wine Bar
• Fountain of Juice
• Naked Café
• Roxy Restaurant
• Le Papagayo
• Solace Restaurant
• Chick’s Natural

[tabs] [tab title=”At A Glance”]

Full Name:  Liquid Blue, Inc.
Year of Establishment:  1996
Location:  Encinitas, CA 92024
Facebook:  LiquidBlueBand
Email Contact:
Phone:  760-942-4545

[/tab] [tab title=”Members”]

Scott Stephens:  Lead Vocals
Ellis Hall:  Keyboards, Lead Vocals
The Grovler:  Guitar, Vocals
Wrekless Watson:  Drums
Andre Howie:  Bass
Nikki Green:  Lead Vocals, Keyboards, Guitar
Jenny Nowinski:  Vocals
Gina Faustino:  Vocals
Layla Loxa:  DJ

[/tab] [tab title=”Liquid Blue Awards”]

2012: Entertainment Act of the Year – Biz Bash Readers Choice Awards
2011: Entertainer of the Year – Event Solutions Spotlight Awards
2009: Pop Album of the Year; Los Angeles Music Awards
2007: Best Band (Runner-Up); International Music Awards
2006: Best Band (Runner-Up); International Music Awards
2005: Hot AC Group of the Year (nominated); New Music Weekly
2005: America’s Best Independent Artist; PCT Music
2004: America’s Best Independent Artist; PCT Music
2001: Best Cover Band; San Diego Music Awards
2001 & 2007: America’s Best Dance Band; National Music Awards

[/tab] [tab title=”Did You Know???”]

• Liquid Blue has performed in more than 100 countries on 6 continents.

• Liquid Blue had a BILLBOARD TOP-10 HIT SINGLE with Earth Passport in 2010. The song reached #3 on the BILLBOARD Hot Dance Singles Sales Chart.

• The band has performed at sold-out ticketed shows in arenas and even stadiums in Asia, Europe and America. One of the concerts drew over 65,000 fans and was televised in China to an estimated audience of 700 million!

• Liquid Blue was honored to represent the United States at the 2008 Summer Olympics Kickoff Concert in Beijing, China 2008.

• Liquid Blue has entertained two U.S. Presidents, more than 50 members of Congress, several foreign & U.S. ambassadors, a plethora of Hollywood celebrities and a long list of fortune 500 companies.

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