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Natasha Oslinger is a star student and athlete at Encinitas Country Day School. She is a budding artist and cook, has many different interests, and is a willing volunteer for the community. Not only does she consistently succeed at making her parents proud, but she is a shining example to her peers.

At just thirteen years old, Natasha has already received

a number of recognitions. “Last year, I got first place in the science fair, first prize for the yearbook artwork contest, Encinitas Country Day School Student of the Month, first place in an Encinitas horseback riding contest, and my volleyball team just won its first two games,” said Natasha.

If that weren’t enough, she is also a participant in her school’s honors science program, is a player on the basketball team, has a major role in the school’s performance of Alice in Wonderland (she plays the “Tall Alice”), and often cooks for family, friends and the local homeless shelter.

Her mother, Monica, is exceedingly proud of her daughter’s accomplishments. “Last year Natasha was in the school counsel. She gets an “A” in every subject and is totally self-motivated to do homework,” explained Monica. “My walls have the wonderful art she has made over the years and she is very skilled and creative in this area. She is making a patchwork quilt and has made many stuffed toys by herself. She also cares for animals and will volunteer in an animal shelter as soon as she is old enough.”

As an adult, Natasha would like to pursue a career in medicine. “I find medical science fascinating and I love learning about different diseases and ways people can be cured,” she said. “When I’m in high school I plan to take Latin because Latin root words are used in different medicines and diseases. Finally, I want to be

a doctor because I like helping people.”

There is no doubt that Natasha’s amazing inner strength, confidence, and self-motivation is what allows her to succeed. By having such role models as Rosa Parks and Ellen DeGeneres, Natasha is inspired and empowered to stand by her beliefs. “I try to follow in theses women’s footsteps, and input my ideas and support others,” she said. “Whenever I have an idea, and someone else says I shouldn’t do it or I should change my idea, I know to stand up for my decision.”

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Name: Natasha Isabella Oslinger

Age: 13

School: Encinitas COuntry Day

Parents: Monica McGuiness & David Oslinger

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