[heading] by MICHELLE TREMBLAY | photos by Soul of Photography [/heading]

At 5:00 a.m., most people are just getting out of bed, but Christy Baker and Cindy Lynch – both residents of Cardiff – have already started their day. As avid runners, these two are usually running along Highway 1, on the trails of the San Elijo Lagoon, or on the beach at Torrey Pines State Park. “After our run you can often catch us at Honey’s Bistro fueling up on their delicious breakfast and Kona Coffee, or if we are feeling extra indulgent, their oh-so-yummy peanut butter smoothie on our way to the Running Skirts™ store,” said the ladies.

This is a typical day for these identical twins, who are both busy moms (five children between the two of them), and passionate entrepreneurs – or “mom-preneurs” as they like to call themselves. Christy and Cindy are the proud owners of Running Skirts™, a company known for fashionable women’s skirts designed especially for running and other types of fitness. The flagship store is located in downtown Encinitas.

Running Skirts™ was conceptualized after Cindy tried to convince Christy to run with her in the New York City Marathon. “As a former children’s clothing designer, Christy was less than thrilled with the frumpy track shorts her sister trained in,” explained the ladies, “so she designed a skirt that was made of lightweight fabric – a nylon-Lycra blend that wicks perspiration and stays dry. Pockets on each side held essentials.”

After women began to stop them during their runs to inquire about the skirts, the sisters decided to try selling them online. “They sold out immediately,” said the sisters. “One thousand skirts sold out in a month!”

Today, the skirts are more popular than ever and the ladies have expanded their clothing line to include a variety of designs and styles.[pullquote_left]We love that our skirts can motivate others to get out there and live
a healthy, fit lifestyle.”
~ Christy and Cindy[/pullquote_left]

One of their favorite parts about their career is getting to work with each other. “We’ve always been best friends and pretty much inseparable,” said the ladies. They also find it rewarding to use their passion for fashion and fitness to help women better enjoy exercise. “Nothing is more rewarding than hearing how we inspire others to achieve their goals! We love that our skirts can motivate others to get out there and live a healthy, fit lifestyle,” exclaimed Christy and Cindy.