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The best thing to hear when you are looking for a volunteer might be “I have trouble saying no.” Melissa McGhee is a great volunteer because not only does she have trouble saying no, she thinks raising money is fun. “Truthfully, I am addicted to volunteering and using and sharing my skills. Volunteering works for me. It’s simply fulfilling,” she explained.

Melissa began raising money for breast cancer in 2004 when she joined her college roommate’s breast cancer walk team called Boobs on the Move®. The goal was to create original ideas to raise money in order to participate in the event. From this, ideas for the OktoberBreast® block party and Pink Pancake Breastfast® were born and implemented – all focused on raising money and awareness for non-profit breast cancer organizations.

To date, Boobs on the Move® has raised over $500,000 and new ideas keep hatching. A Boot Art Auction called Art Stomp™ is planned for this Fall where local and regional artists will contribute original work that incorporates or is inspired by the cowboy boot. The artwork will be auctioned off for a charity fundraiser benefitting a local breast cancer non-profit. “So far, the pieces are eclectic and amazing,” said Melissa. “We are looking for a local venue to host the auction event and we are still open to more boot art too.”

[quote] “Truthfully, I am addicted to volunteering and using and sharing my skills.  Volunteering works for me.  It’s simply fulfilling.”  ~ Melissa McGhee[/quote]

When she isn’t raising money for breast cancer awareness and prevention, Melissa is volunteering at her children’s school, Capri Elementary. “I’ve been able to keep my professional skills in check while raising my family. I am a mom, wife and community volunteer – and not always in that order. I have been known to ‘sacrifice some to save many’ more than once,” she mentioned.

In her free time, Melissa can be found at the YMCA, playing soccer mom, or with her family at Cardiff reef. She said, “I love food and feeding people the good stuff – the cancer fighting stuff. I am a lucky girl!”

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Name: Melissa Wadley McGhee
Residence: Fox Point, Encinitas
Affiliation: Boobs on the Move® – a grass roots effort to stop breast cancer through active prevention and generosity (and have a little fun while we’re at it).
Website: www.boobsonthemove.org
Phone: 858-356-2686

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